About Frontrunner Offshore Marlin Lures

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Frontrunner Offshore

At FrontRunner Offshore we pride ourselves on our extensive fishing history. Our team has a combined blue-water fishing experience of more than thirty years. Over this time, we have fished all around the world and our main method of fishing has always been pulling lures. It was during the slow days that we would discuss ways to improve the lures that we had, to help improve our bite. These innovations lead to the creation of FrontRunner Offshore Pulling Lures. We began to design totally unique lures that mixed a little “old school” with a little “new school.” All of our lures are handcrafted, hand-poured and hand-polished right here in Texas.

Each unique lure is designed using state of the art 3 Dimension CAD software, prototyped and tested. We make sure the fish will bite each lure design, before putting it into production. FrontRunner Offshore Pulling Lures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We use only the best UV stabilized resin for a lure that will last. FrontRunner Offshore Lures come in a variety of color combinations that are proven to catch fish. We offer a variety of customizable options that will allow us to build you a totally unique lure. See our custom lures page.

Most importantly, we at FrontRunner Offshore pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and customer service. Feel free to contact us over the phone anytime. Contact Us

It’s our intent here at Frontrunner Offshore, to continue to improve the ideas and designs of our pulling lures so that you see an increase in your bite volume.

“We design outside of the box, so you can put them in your box”